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bill keith is a true aesthete who is known to many as an arbiter of elegance and good taste. he is not afraid of contradictions. his creations impose a way of life and innocently reflect his own philosophy of life in general and of woman in particular.
he designs for sophisticated and self-assured individuals who appreciates true elegance and understand their own individual styles. this pavarotti of the fashion world incites the instincts in every woman, every mademoiselle to discover and fully appreciate his own inborn beauty.
bill keith, the brand, was established in july 1988 purely as a couturier concentrating on ladies’ fashion as mainstream. since then bill keith has expanded his business into furniture, footwear, handbags as well as interior designing.


the most important thing is for a woman to know her own identity and personality.
i don’t choose the women i dress, today’s women chooses her own designer.
i create my own philosophy and reflect it on my woman.
my perception of a modern woman is the idea for each line to be filtered through my personality and lifestyle.
i like to be self assured and confident and my clothes reflect that personality.
i like to understand the world
i like peace and quiet
i like nature
i like to laugh
i like attention
i like romance
i like beautiful things
i like to be loved
i liked that being involved as actively as i can in this world helps me to understand women, their moods, their desires, ideas & needs.
my women rely on her own instinct, emotions and common sense. she demands attention and love.
age is not important.
my credo is more about love, attitude and lifestyle.

+ born on 21st september, terengganu
+ currently living in cheras, selangor
+ single
+ currently, vice president of moda (malaysian official designers association)[

+ graduated at international college of toronto, ontario canada
+ graduated at york university, ontario, canada
+ graduated at george brown college of applied arts and technology in creative arts canada
+ graduated at the international school of barbizon, academy of modeling canada
+ traditional and contemporary bridal wear
+ red carpet evening wear
+ cocktails
+ corporate uniforms
+ ladies handbags
+ ladies shoes
+ designer furniture
+ home décor

+ moet chandon, tribute to fashion award
+ 2009 mercedes benz stylo best fashion presentation award
+ 2012 mercedes benz stylo designer of the year award

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